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I Tried the Ketogenic Diet for 30 Days and This’s What Happened




I generally avoid severe diets and eating plans. Atkins? They were unknown to me. What is the Whole30 diet? I’m not even going to bother. The Paleo diet? Some things are better left in the past.

However, the simplicity of the ketogenic (keto) diet plan appealed to me, and I needed to drop weight before a wedding I was attending.

Discover what occurred when I chose to limit carbohydrates for 30 days, including how I did it, my achievements, struggles, outcomes, and lifetime keto weight loss lessons.

How I Did the Keto Diet Plan

4 things that really helped me get started were:

  • a goal
  • a plan
  • focusing on carbs only
  • having a friend for accountability

I began the keto diet approximately a month before the wedding with the intention of shedding 10 pounds. Because a low-calorie diet can result in a 2-pound weight reduction every week, losing 10 pounds in four weeks did not seem excessive. If the keto diet worked as well as it was advertised, I figured losing 10 pounds would be simple.

I spent many weeks researching the diet, following keto-focused Instagram accounts for inspiration, and preparing a plan (see our healthy version of a keto meal plan) before I began. This last section would turn out to be the most crucial aspect of my adventure.

I utilized an online keto calculator to calculate my calorie, carb, and fat intake. With the exception of fat, I largely followed the advice. The calculation recommends eating more than 200 grams of fat each day. That’s difficult to do without putting ghee in my coffee or swigging coconut oil before lunch. Is it possible? Absolutely. I simply couldn’t get there. The emphasis for me was on carbohydrate reduction. I just let the other parts fall into place.

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I also invited a friend to be my accountability partner. She had previously tried the keto diet with success, so having someone to turn to for answers to my many concerns was invaluable. It also assisted in keeping me on track.

My Biggest Challenges on the Keto Diet Plan

Ketogenic Diet

Eating only 20 grams of carbs a day is hard.

The keto diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate (HFLC) diet. I’d describe it as extremely low-carb—you’re only permitted 20 g of carbs each day. Some keto dieters follow a net-carb plan (you may deduct the grams of fiber from a food’s total carbohydrates), which allows you to consume more carbs per day. For the sake of simplicity, I went with total carbohydrates for my 30-day diet.

I aimed for 20 g per day as a general rule: 2 at breakfast, 5 at lunch, 3 for snacks, and 10 at dinner. I discovered that if I aimed for 20, I’d come in under 30. That was sufficient success for me.

The secret to exceeding my goal was to prepare, plan, plan. On weekends, I planned out all three meals, condiments, and snacks. I found it simpler to manage the intermittent cravings and hunger sensations if I knew what I was consuming ahead of time. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to plan ahead of time for a keto diet.

The food is repetitive.

I ate a lot of bacon, cheese, eggs, and meat (mainly steak and chicken). dietary processed pig products every morning was a major departure for someone whose dietary philosophy is normally more plant-based and whole-food centered.

This can be a very low-calorie diet.

Keeping your carb count under 20 g minimizes your calorie intake as well. Carbohydrate-rich meals can provide a significant amount of calories since we consume a lot of them. When you eat less carbohydrates, you consume fewer calories. (See the top 30 low-carb foods.)

Some days, I struggled to consume more than 1,200 calories. I fell short of my daily calorie goal of 1,800 practically every day. Even without the low-carb diet, that’s enough of a calorie deficit to cause weight reduction.

I came down with “keto flu.”

The term “keto flu” can be found in keto blogs and forums. It was a true occurrence for me, but not everyone will have the opportunity to see it.

You may suffer weariness, mental fogginess, and even irritation when your body begins to rely on ketones from fat instead of glucose from carbs. My “keto flu” barely lasted a day, and I never had the symptoms again after that. (Learn more about the keto diet’s subtle side effects, including some of those flu-like symptoms).

My Biggest Successes on the Keto Diet Plan

Ketogenic Diet

I beat my weight loss goal.

I set out to shed 10 pounds, but I rapidly exceeded my target. I dropped 10 pounds in three weeks and reached 15 pounds two days before my wedding.

It’s crucial to note that when you start any form of low-carb diet, you’ll drop many pounds in the first few days. This is due to your body losing water weight. When I resumed my normal eating habits after the wedding weekend, I gained 4 pounds since the water weight returned.

I had more energy (but not every day).

I had so much energy while on the keto diet, and I didn’t have the regular mid-afternoon energy slumps. Gym time was a little difficult. Without carbohydrates, your body must burn fat for energy, which might leave you feeling fatigued after a workout on some days. That’s OK. Keep going, and try again tomorrow.

I learned to be very creative in the kitchen.

Eating out while staying on track with your keto diet is nearly difficult. (After the third time you ask the waitress to hold the onions off your chicken fajitas, you’ll swear you’ll never eat at a restaurant again.) Fortunately, I consider myself an ambitious cook who enjoys experimenting with different dishes.

Of course, with a keto diet, your ingredient list is much reduced. I explored blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, and other sites for dependable recipes, then put on my thinking gear and came up with a few dishes that I really liked.

Write down the recipes, and then use a meal-tracking program like MyFitnessPal to monitor the components and see if the dish works for you. It takes a little more effort than a typical meal plan, but it’s well worth it.

I eat less sugar now.

On the keto diet, you can’t consume sugar, and most no-carb sugar replacements don’t work for me.

This isn’t to claim that my appetites vanished. Cravings for a peanut butter cup, soda, or even a banana were intense in the first few days. (This is when having an accountability partner comes in handy.) When you return to your previous eating habits, you may discover (like I did) that many of the meals you used to enjoy are now simply too sweet to complete.

Lifelong Takeaways from My 30 Days on the Keto Diet Plan

I won’t be sticking to a keto diet meal plan indefinitely—I can’t eat that much bacon anymore—but I hope to do so multiple times a year. My month-long trial, if nothing else, helped me eat less sugar and processed carbohydrates.

The keto diet is not suitable for everyone. There are many people who should not try this diet, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as those who have blood sugar problems, heart disease, and liver illness, among other diseases. Before beginning the keto diet, consult with your doctor. However, if you’re in good health and searching for a quick way to lose weight, the keto diet might be just what you’re looking for. I simply hope you enjoy bacon.

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